Frequently Asked Questions


When would I use leemail?

Any time a web site asks for your email address — leemail is great for signing up to newsletters, job searches, online dating, online classifieds, coupon sites and more.

Do I have to go to leemail.me to read my emails?

No. All emails are delivered directly to your personal email account (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, etc.).

How do I remember which leemail I used on a website?

To retrieve a leemail you made previously, all you need to do is go to the website and click on the leemail button. Our service remembers the email you created.

What does it mean that a leemail is ON or OFF?

leemail allows you to switch individual leemail addresses ON and OFF. When a leemail address is turned OFF all messages sent to that leemail address are deleted. When a leemail address is turned ON all messages are delivered to your personal email account.

Can you retrieve emails sent to a leemail that's set to OFF?

We are developing features that will give you options over what happens to email that is sent to a leemail address that is turned OFF. Currently we do not store messages sent to leemails that are turned OFF.

Can I delete leemails?

No, we haven't built that functionality yet. Turning a leemail off is almost like deleting it, since it will stop all messages for that leemail. If you are running low on free leemails, you can invite friends to get bonus leemails for free. If there's another reason you'd like us to delete a leemail, please email us at support@leemail.me and we'll try and help you out.

How do I reply to a leemail? Will this expose my personal email address?

You can reply to leemails without exposing your personal address. All you need to do is hit reply from within your webmail account or your email client, we take care of the rest, your reply will come from your leemail address.

Can I use leemail on sites I'm already registered with?

Yes, you just log into these services and change your email address to a leemail address.

Signing up

Do I have to change my email to use leemail?

No, we deliver all emails directly to your personal email account.

Which email address should I register with?

It's up to you. Most people register with their personal email address because that's the one they check more often. Others register with a secondary address, in order to keep their personal correspondence separate from their newsletters. Either way your email is 100% safe because you can turn OFF any leemail address you create at any time.

How should I choose my username?

Anything goes. But bear in mind: your username is visible in the email addresses leeemail generates for you.


I have forgotten which leemail I used on a website, how do I know which one to use?

If you need to remember which leemail address you used on a specific website, just visit the website and click the leemail button. That will retrieve the appropriate leemail address.


I have forgotten my username

You may log-in with your email address. Once you log-in, you'll see your username at the top right corner.

I have forgotten my password

Use our password reset form here.

Tell me about your privacy?

See our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy

I'm on a new computer and I don't have the button. What do I do?

You can install it again, or instead of using the button to create an address, you can create a leemail address yourself from the leemail.me website here.

How do I use leemail from my iPhone/Android/mobile phone?

There is no mobile app yet, but you can go to leemail.me and create leemail addresses yourself using the “Create a leemail” tab.

How do I use leemail from my locked down browser at work?

If you have trouble installing the button, you can use the leemail.me website to create leemail addresses here.

How do I contact you for support? report a bug? request a feature?

Send us an email to support@leemail.me. If you’re logged in to the leemail.me website, you can use the live support link at the bottom of every page, or you can just click on “Help”.


leemail protects your email for replies too!

You can reply to leemail messages without exposing your personal address. All you need to do is hit reply from within your webmail account or your email client, we take care of the rest, your reply will come from your leemail address.

What is an anonymous leemail?

An anonymous leemail address works just like a regular leemail but it doesn’t expose your username or the name of the website in the address.

How do I subscribe for leemail more…?

You can subscribe to leemail more by going to the more… page and upgrading.

How is leemail different from...?

How is leemail different from using email aliases?

It’s easier — leemail creates the address for you, just use the button. It’s also easier to shut off a leemail address; it only takes one click. Plus, leemail remembers all the addresses for you.

How is leemail different from disposable email services?

leemail addresses are permanent. You can turn them ON and OFF, but they don’t expire. leemail also remembers all the websites you give leemail addresses to, so you don’t have to.

How is leemail different from using my junk address(es)?

When asked for an email, you don‘t have to make that decision whether to use your real email or your junk email. All your messages are delivered to one inbox so you don‘t have to check multiple accounts. And leemail lets you control email from each website individually.


How do I know that leemail.me will not sell my email address?

We will never do that. Our guarantee to our users explains this. We built leemail so you can prevent anyone from sharing or selling your email without your permission. Our business relies on earning your trust. That starts with respecting and protecting your email.

How do I know that leemail.me will not spam me?

We hate spam. Helping to stop spam was one of the reasons we created leemail. We only want to send you email that you want to receive. When you join leemail, we automatically create a leemail address that we use to send you email. So if you don't want to hear from us you can turn that leemail OFF, just like any other leemail.

Better privacy statements

Tell me about your privacy.

Keeping your email addresses private is the core of our mission, We use leemail for hundreds of sites ourselves, and are our biggest testers.
Read our Privacy Policy and Guarantee if you'd like to know more.