The Team

The leemail Team

Lee Morgenroth

Lee leads the leemail team. He got his first email address in 1988 from MIT’s Project Athena and thought it was amazing. He built leemail because he wanted to love email again, and so far it’s working.

Lee holds a Bachelors degree in computer science from MIT and a Masters degree from the MIT Media Lab.

Orrin Ward

Orrin is the designer in the leemail team. He's now leemail's biggest user, and wonders how he got by without it.

Orrin holds a Bachelor of Science in Digital Art and Technology from University of Plymouth.

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Michael Nacos

Michael is head of engineering. He joined leemail to shift unsubscribe power back to the people.

Michael holds a Masters degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Modelling from the University of London.

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Serafeim Zanikolas

Serafeim was head of DevOps at leemail until early 2013.

Serafeim holds PhD and Masters computer science degrees from the Universities of Manchester and Essex.

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